How an Omega Speedmaster & a string of good fortune led to what is today, @HODINKEE

A living legend A grandmaster among watchmakers, Philippe Dufour reflects back on his humble beginnings

A look at @SurreyNanoSys’s Vantablack & the blackest building on the planet, designed by @Asif_Can for the 2018 Olympics

Kari Voutilainen crafts a handful of timepieces with his team each year, averaging between 25 & 55 per year over the past decade

Georges Kern on taking stock in Breitling, endeavoring to be the BMW of the watch world, & the power of digital mediums

‘Only Clock’ by Vadim Kibardin,

A quartz-powered minute repeater Has anyone seen under the hood of one of these?

An Apple patent for smart watch straps

The Skeleton Loomi Swatch watch came packaged in a dinosaur

School watch created by every graduate of the Geneva School of Watchmaking

Not your average Velcro watch

RT @twixtApp: At this month’s gathering of the Horological Society of New York, the ever insightful @jackforster will be delivering a lectu…

Sometimes, the quickest way to solve a problem is to walk away from it for a little while. For @Silver_hand, when it comes to metalwork, having friends like @JimBinnion, @ChrisPloofRings, & @RichLoen to talk with is even more invaluable

People often ask me if it’s bad to leave their watch on a watch winder. The short answer is it can be. This worn post is the result of several years on a winder, running with degraded lubrication

Placing Facebook’s ‘Flicks’ in the historical context of time measurement

Beijing Watch’s MRB-1 A wristwatch sized minute-repeater, which chimes the time on demand, coupled with a tourbillon, outfitted with a free-sprung balance wheel. Made in China.

Bradley Price of Autodromo talks through the design & development of the Ford GT Endurance Chronograph

12 timepieces sported by 007 along with some of the horological history behind them

Nice, contextual shot of @alangesoehne’s massive model of their latest creation, from @SJXwatches Fun to learn from @jasonheaton via @thegreynato that the entire, functional model is machined primarily out of aluminum,

RT @the_watchnerd: Marcel de Coninck’s “new and useful improvements in Flexible Gearing”, c1920 …,,

An early patent for playless gear teeth, filed by Antoine Gazda in 1942, to provide “elastic & even transmission of power”,

Colour & time in 3 dimensions Photos of Tokyo-based, Emmanuelle Moureaux’s ‘Color of Time’ exhibit,

Further details on Agenhor’s AgenPIT system from a visit to Jean-Marc Wiederrecht’s atelier with @the_watchnerd

A brief introduction to Agenhor’s take on a free-sprung balance regulating system, dubbed AgenPIT

‘Color of Time’ wall clock concept by Dae-Hoo Kim

A look at how timepieces at Arnold & Son are crafted

Explore Grand Seiko’s movements using stereoscopic 3D zSpace displays at the Seiko Museum Coming soon to the NAWCC Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania, as well,

Eterna’s logo is a stylized version of the ball bearing system that the company pioneered for its self-winding watches. That & more in the latest episode of @offhours,

“It is the dedicated ambition of any battery to commit suicide as soon as possible.” – George Daniels

This isn’t far off the backlog a number of watch brands have been grappling with for years in after sales service

The hands & minds behind some of horology’s daring, new timepieces @alexdoak rounds up a handful of ‘hip, young horologists’

Aside: @MacintoshFM is a superbly produced podcast. Can’t recommend subscribing highly enough. My favourite tidbit to date is the tale behind the Mac’s Sosumi sound, in ‘Let it Beep’

“Why would anyone want a watch of the past, when they had just been introduced to the watch of the future?”

In the latest episode of @MacintoshFM, @marcoarment helps @mcbramhill think different about what he’s wearing on his wrist

RT @OffHours: EP7: Mixed Metals

Jon and Chris explore the world of mixed metals and the often wood-like grain patterns these materials exh…,

Marvelous macro shots of an exquisitely crafted, 130 year old, three-bridge, @GirardPerregaux tourbillon

Creative shots in this watch servicing video from Bucherer

“There is only one Rolex” @jackforster delves into the plural of Rolex

“The industrialization of métiers d’art should be an oxymoron, but it’s not” @underthedial on the industrialization of highly skilled handcrafts in watchmaking

A decline in savior-faire In contrast to the image of artisanal know-how sold by brands, the work of watchmakers is becoming increasingly fragmented & automated, according to Swiss anthropologist Hervé Munzépossédés-de-leur-savoir-faire-/43681248#.Wju_bV8-Cf0.facebook

A look at the mass manufacturing of Swiss ebauches at Fontainemelon in the mid 20th century

RT @TheEconomist: How to buy a watch that will increase in price,

The Beta 21 never sounded so good @time_4A_pint sits down with @James_UKWatches to talk about Switzerland’s initial foray into portable quartz timekeepers,